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Using Raffles to Increase Content Density

03.01.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices, Social Media by

Raffles provide an excellent opportunity for you to get readers to contribute content to your site, ranging from comments to full length posts. While it’s tempting to raffle products off on Facebook in exchange for “likes”, doing so doesn’t generate any additional content density on your own site. A better strategy is to host the raffle on your blog, and use social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, to bring readers back to your site to submit their content.

If structured properly, you can get readers to submit a lot of content for a desirable item worth $200 or more. The key is help them structure it without a lot of effort.

When running this type of campaign, I like to write up a short list of questions that raffle entrants need to respond to to enter. I like text submissions instead of videos or digital photos because it’s much lower barrier for people to submit a response, and people are very interested in reading each others responses.

The other benefit of text entries is that search engines hoover up the content, and having multiple submissions in response to the same set of questions makes your site a gravitational magnet on the topic, resulting in more organic search traffic. For longer text entries, I publish a separate post for each submission and carefully craft post titles in line with the topics I want Google to treat my site as an authority on.

Raffles like this are lovely, but you can’t run them all the time or you’ll burn out your audience. Still, they are a another nice arrow in the user generated content quiver, and something I recommend you try.

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