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Priming StumbleUpon

04.06.11 Posted in Social Media by

There are two ways to get referral traffic from StumbleUpon. You can wait for a member to add you to their profile, write a recommendation about your site, and hope that you get some fan-out from their friends.

The other way is to pay StumbleUpon to recommend your site to their members in an ad buy. StumbleUpon captures psychographic information about their readers’ content preferences, as well as locale information, so you can target their audience very precisely

At a CPM of $5 per thousand, this a very expensive way to increase site pageviews, but there’s an unadvertised benefit to being a StumbleUpon advertiser. When StumbleUpon has extra, unsold impression inventory, they will direct readers to your site, if enough of them have given it a thumbs up in the past.

Based on my statistics, I average greater than one pageview per visitor on these free StumbleUpon referrals. From this, I’ve concluded that StumbleUpon is using the targeting criteria that I specified in my campaigns from two years ago, or something close to it, to refer visitors to my site.

To get the same benefit, I’d recommend that you do a small ad buy on StumbleUpon, targeted at your outdoor audience. You only need to spend $100-$200 dollars to prime the pump, and you should see some free referrals down the line if StumbleUpon’s community likes your content.

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