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Link Less, Post Often

11.18.11 Posted in Content Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media by

The recent changes to Google indexing and ranking algorithms favor posts with original content in them and penalize posts that are cluttered with links that distract readers and decrease a piece’s relevance over time. Link love is important, but you shouldn’t include more then two or three external links in post.

If link love has been the key to your audience acquisition strategy, you need to switch gears and start writing posts that contain evergreen content. You can still share the love, but you should do so by posting more frequently and including fewer links in each post.

Of course, if you post great content frequently, you can wean yourself off the need to write for other bloggers and write for more for your audience. Let Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the legions of back-linkers boost your page rank. In the long run, this is a far better audience acquisition strategy because your reader pool is far greater than the number of peers in your content niche.

Another alternative to including link love in blog posts, is to use your social media channels to refer reader to content written by other people that is relevant to your niche and top quality. This keeps the search engines happy and still spreads the love around, but in a way that won’t harm your page rank over the long haul.


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