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Audience Sharing

03.30.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices, Social Media by

The key to building an audience is sharing your audience in exchange for access to someone else’s audience.  Local businesses do this all the time.

Have you ever gotten an envelope in the mail, full of coupons to local business? Those businesses all share the price of the mailing because it’s an inexpensive way to acquire new customers and drive repeat business.

Building an audience on the Internet and through social media works the same way. If you are willing to give anther content provider access to your audience, you can get access to theirs.

As a blogger, you can do this in a variety of ways.

  • Comment on other people’s sites. Their readers will click through to your address and read your content.
  • Invite guest bloggers to post on your site. If you both cross promote the post using email or social media, you can acquire new readers.
  • Write guest posts on other people’s sites. Ditto the above.
  • Give bloggers in your affiliate channel product samples to review, in exchange for a guest post on your site. Ditto the above.

What surprises me, is how few outdoor manufacturers or retailers use any of these techniques. They work, and if you can scale the implementation, you can rapidly grow a big audience.

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