Content Marketing for the Outdoor Industry

Address a Large Audience

05.11.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices, Social Media by

If you’re starting a blog for your business, go after the largest audience you can.

For example, let’s say your company sells expensive scuba gear. Don’t create all of your content for certified scuba divers. Aim wider than that and generate content for people who are looking for scubas lessons or are interested in good snorkeling destinations.  If your primary objectives are audience acquisition and brand engagement, then you really need to engage with the audience that you want to become qualified customers, not the people who are already qualified.

The same holds for international companies that may good brand awareness in a smaller country, but poor recognition in the United States or Japan. For example, suppose you’re a Swiss manufacturer of ice climbing gear that sells internationally through distribution channels. Aim for a global audience on day one. If you stick too close to home, you will never be able break out from your regional focus and attract a large and interactive audience.

If you go wide from the start, you will be able to identify affinity groups for certain segments of content over time that you can begin to target more deliberately in a sales pipeline. But initially, you want to attract the biggest audience possible to establish some online credibility and grow your audience footprint.

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