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Search Rank and Content Age

06.29.11 Posted in Content Strategy, Search Engine Optimization by

Have you noticed that the best ranked sites for many search terms are the ones that have been around the longest? It actually makes sense. Historically, these pages have had more click-thrus than newer, perhaps better content pages. If you write decent content, it  means that you’ll experience the same benefits after a few years too.

Is this fair?

I think it is. I also think you’d be wise to build it into your long term content investment plan.

The harsh reality is that most bloggers and web sites don’t last more than 2 years. But if you do, and you are consistently posting informative content on a regular basis, you will see the benefits.

For planning purposes, you need to invest at least 3 years before you begin to see your pages rise in search engine result rankings. From then on, the long tail benefits of your investment will kick-in noticeably and increase over time.

To maximize your return, the best thing to do is to generate a LOT of good relevant content in those first 3 years. If you write niche content, segment the subject matter within the domain and create content that spans it. This takes incredible discipline, but has an excellent return because your content will come up in the top search results regardless what people are searching for.

So strap in and get writing. If you can write 1000 x 750 word posts over the course of 3 years, you’ll see a handsome pay-off from organic search down the road.

If you want a faster ROI, open a pizza joint. The long tail takes patience.

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