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PR and Blogger Outreach

02.28.11 Posted in Public Relations by

PR firms are increasingly contacting bloggers generate awareness for new products. Unfortunately, it doesn’t benefit bloggers very much, particularly if they are concentrated in a fairly narrow niche like hiking and backpacking.

The last thing a blogger wants to do is to have the exact same content that one of their peers has. If every outdoor blogger writes a review of the same product or holds a raffle for it, at the same time, it discredits the content and the product in readers’ minds. Unlike magazines, or other media outlets, bloggers routinely share readers and the principle of multi-exposure awareness generation leads to rapid burnout in this media channel.

If you are a PR firm, you need to redefine your product launch metrics. It doesn’t matter how many publications of a review you get. To benefit your client, you want reach. My advice would be to place launch-related reviews or raffles on higher traffic blogs or outdoor news sites with staggered schedules, so you maintain awareness for a sustained period of time, rather than one big blast.

PR firms should contact smaller blogs with less reach with the aim of getting them to review or raffle other products in the client’s product line. This should be done as a slow drip, featuring one review per month so you don’t burn out the niche audience. Here the primary benefit will be backlinks to the client’s web site, resulting in better SEO.

If you are a blogger and you are contacted by a PR firm that is trying to get you to review or raffle off an inexpensive product, my advice is turn them down. Instead, offer to review and raffle another more expensive product in their product line. More often than not, you’ll get a bite.

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