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Paint a Big Target, Cast a Wide Net

11.09.11 Posted in Content Strategy by

Do you want to know how to attract readers like a tractor beam? It’s easy. Provide them with a lot of high quality evergreen content and let Google do the rest.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for a narrow niche or for a broader pychographic. If you have a bigger net, you will catch more fish in it. It’s just take a little patience. The long tail of good content, and a lot of it, pays excellent dividends after a few years, in terms of search traffic and back links.

What kind of scale am I talking about? You should be aiming for 1,000 substantive articles over a three year period. Not blog posts about your favorite link buddies, but real meaty evergreen content that will stay relevant for years to come.

Too busy to write it yourself? Hire someone to write it. There are of lots of outdoor bloggers out there who know how to write evergreen content for your niche. Contact me for a referral, if you need help finding one.

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