Content Marketing for the Outdoor Industry

Content Marketing 101

What is Content Marketing?

It’s actually quite simple. If you publish helpful information online, you can build an audience that trusts your advice, and seeks you out when they’re looking to make a purchase decision.

The hard part is implementing a content marketing strategy because you need to interact with your audience daily and consistently provide them with quality information in a selfless manner. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of companies and marketing organizations stumble.  Publishing valuable content everyday to your blog and pushing it into social media channels takes a long term organizational commitment.

But the rewards can be quite significant in terms of brand loyalty, increased organic search traffic, commercial success, and knowing that you are helping other people achieve their dreams.

What do you need to do Content Marketing?

First you need a cause. What does your brand stand for? What is your organizational vision? Do you believe in environmental sustainability, helping women get started in adventure sports, fostering family recreation, or sharing the elation of shredding gnar? Chances are that you have that messaging down already.

After that, all you need is a Blog, a Facebook page and Twitter identity, and a commitment to let your audience interact with you through those channels.  We can’t emphasize this enough. Content enables interaction, but the key to building authority or a trust relationship with your audience is your willingness to engage in a conversation with them through comments and other forms of user generated content such as customer submitted product reviews, photo and video submissions, loyalty programs, local outreach, and event marketing.

Why Blogs are Central to Content Marketing

At Fells Press, we believe that you need to provide a place for people to go to find reference material and archived interactions, such as comments, when they want to engage in a deeper level of interaction. Your product catalog can’t serve that function and social media channels are too episodic and abbreviated to capture reference content.

When backed with a personality and a cause, a company blog is an excellent vehicle to capture content artifacts that demonstrate the interpersonal relationships, even friendships, that you will form over time with members of your audience.

Building a blog on an existing platform like WordPress is also very cost effective and can be easily branded and enhanced using open source plug-ins to implement the type of audience interaction you want.

Finally, having a company blog with a substantial amount of helpful content will significantly increase your organic search traffic and can save you a lot of money on keyword advertising. Plus once you have the content, you can easily use social media channels to drive readers back to it, even years after it was written. It’s a content investment that can provide a lot of recurring value, over time.