Content Marketing for the Outdoor Industry

Twitter Etiquette and Content Marketing

05.27.11 Posted in Public Relations, Social Media by

If you’re an outdoor manufacturer you need to have a active twitter presence. But you need to do it right. Here are best practice tips on how to use Twitter to grow and acquire a larger audience, and some advice on Twitter etiquette. Use Twitter to notify your audience about new content Twitter and Facebook […]

FTC Guidelines on Endorsements and Product Reviews

05.18.11 Posted in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging Best Practices, Public Relations by

One excellent way to get backlinks to your site and grow your audience is to provide outdoor bloggers with product samples that they can review and write about. Sounds easy, but you want to make sure that the bloggers you are working with understand the Federal Trade Commission’s New Transparency Rules for Endorsements. In the […]

PR and Blogger Outreach

02.28.11 Posted in Public Relations by

PR firms are increasingly contacting bloggers generate awareness for new products. Unfortunately, it doesn’t benefit bloggers very much, particularly if they are concentrated in a fairly narrow niche like hiking and backpacking. The last thing a blogger wants to do is to have the exact same content that one of their peers has. If every […]