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Why Fast Blogs Get More Traffic

12.30.11 Posted in Blog Performance Metrics, Blogging Best Practices by

People are impatient. If your blog takes a long time to load in their browser or cell phone, they’ll abandon your site and go somewhere else.

Even worse, Google penalizes blogs and web sites with slow page load times by referring less traffic to them. If you’re spending a lot of time and money on SEO Optimization or content development, you could be pouring money down the drain if your site is slow. You’d be much better of speeding your site up first.

How fast should your page load times be? You want to shoot for an average page load speed of 3 seconds or less. Faster is better, but you’ll see about a 10% traffic increase in overall page views for every second you shave off your page load speed. The ROI compared to further SEO optimization or writing more content is surprisingly significant when you do a cost/benefit analysis.

What’s the first step for optimizing your blog’s page load times?

You guessed it. Timing your page load speed.

To do this, type your home page URL and the URLs of your best performing blog posts/web pages into the following FREE page load testing site.Record the first load and subsequent load scores for each page as a baseline to measure against.

If any of your first load times are over 6 seconds, you should immediately start a speed optimization project because 90% of the web sites on the internet, per Google, are faster than your own.

In subsequent posts, I’ll explain a number of ways you can rapidly improve your page load times irrespective of the blogging platform you use, as well as WordPress specific tips and tricks that can rapidly accelerate your page speed optimization efforts.

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