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Respond to Every Comment

07.13.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices by

Respond to every comment. Answer every email. For the rest of your frigging life.

People post comments on your blog because they want to establish a personal connection with you. If you respond to them, they will come back again and again and become pillars in your blog’s community.

But if you blow them off by never responding to their comments, they will abandon you, probably forever. I abandon bloggers who don’t respond to my comments on their blogs or social media channels with a vengence.

The same goes for email or messages that readers send you through a comment form. You need to get back to them promptly. Every reader you give advice to will tell their friends about you and your blog. The is audience acquisition 101.

If you are in a corporate marketing group and have multiple responsibilities that prevent you from getting back to your readers, I suggest you adjust your priorities. You are committing blogger suicide when you don’t interact with your audience.

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