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Promote a Single “Blog Personality”

02.27.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices by

If you want to create a sticky blog with strong reader loyalty, repeat visits, and interaction you need to have one lead writer or personality featured on the blog. With one author or blog personality, you have the opportunity to expose their individual faults, fears, ambitions, and dreams in blog posts and in comments. This personal element is incredibly important in building reader loyalty, comment interaction, and social media referrals.

Think about this from a branding perspective. Nike didn’t become successful by promoting their individual product lines, they became successful by bombarding the public with the name “Nike” across all of their marketing channels. This last point is key. Once you’ve developed some blog content, that same personality can begin to cross-post in different social media marketing channels, driving traffic back to your blog or web site. If you dilute authorship across multiple personalities, no one will recognize their names, and you won’t get the desired social media fan out effect.

If staffing or budgetary limitations demand make having a single blog author prohibitive, you should reassess your blog staffing strategy. Hiring a ghostwriter who can personify your “blog personality” is an option that you should seriously consider before attempting to distribute writing responsibilities across multiple individuals, whose main job is NOT cranking out blog and comment content.

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