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Post Length, Authority, and Audience Loyalty

03.15.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices by

While the blog pundits will tell you that short blog posts are better than long ones, I think it really depends on what you’re writing about and who you are writing for. This is common sense, right?

When I’m writing content about the outdoors, I frequently write magazine length articles. People read them end-to-end and search engines hoover them up, so how can that be bad? In fact, some of my all-time, most popular posts are 20 page long backpacking trip reports, so I’m not sure I trust their advice.

I do agree that you want to mix up article lengths and not make everyone read a book to get to the point. You can also structure your posts, so that the conclusion is up front, and the meat is optional.

But I also believe that long posts are naturally rich in keywords and benefit blogs by their sheer density. They’re an excellent way to build one’s authority with an audience and can make your site a gravitational center for a particular topic, across the web.

In other words, the point of writing posts is not just search engine optimization.  That helps gets new readers, sure, but a large percentage of your organic search results are going to be bounces anyway. What matters to your audience most is your knowledge and demeanor. That’s what will keep them coming back, and what will drive the myriad branding and loyalty benefits that a first rate blog provides.

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