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List Recent Comments in the Sidebar

03.01.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices by

People love to read other peoples’ comments. In fact,the first thing that your regulars will read when they revisit your site are the most recent comments. Make sure that you have links to these listed in your sidebar, because they provide a way to get your visitors quickly past the first page, and into your richer content and promotions.

People are far more likely to read a post if it has been commented on. Fore example, the number of comments on a post is a key driver in bring smartphone mobile users back to your site to interact. It makes sense. If there are no comments, the post is probably not that interesting.

People are far likelier to comment if someone has already broken the ice and commented, especially lurkers. I’m not advocating that you fabricate comments, but active moderation is very important and helps get more people to dive into an obviously active discussion.

Comments are content. Make them accessible from your homepage and people will read the posts that spawned them.

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