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How to Use RSS

03.01.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices by

Every blog needs an RSS feed, but you should not publish the full text of your blog feed via RSS if your objective is to build site traffic and interaction. I found this out the hard way. While the number of my RSS subscribers I had kept growing, this growth never translated into page impressions.

That changed when I bit the bullet and switched from sending full text to post summaries via RSS. I had a few complaints and lost a handful of readers, but I didn’t experience a drop off in the number of page impressions that I’d feared. My existing RSS readers are satisfied with the summaries and being notified when I publish a new post.

When I switched from full text to summaries, my monthly traffic lifted about 10% and started growing again. More importantly, the average number of comments I received grew 100%. All of my RSS lurkers were now clicking through to the blog and interacting.

But the real way to drive blog and audience interaction is using social media. More on that in another post.

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