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Don’t Create New Blog Domains

02.28.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices by

If your company has an established web site and page rank, the last thing you want to do is to start a blog on a completely new web site domain. Doing this eliminates any lift that you’d get from your existing web site, in terms of existing content, established page rank, or even customer recognition. It’s like starting to build a new brand from scratch.

If hosting your blog on a new domain is such a bad idea, why do so many outdoor companies do it? More often than not, it’s an IT problem, stemming from the setup of an externally hosted e-commerce site. For whatever reason, your store hoster doesn’t want to create a sub-domain under your primary domain, something as simple as

This is silly. It’s not technically hard to do and there is no need for your e-commerce vendor to even host your blog. It can be completely run and maintained elsewhere, in the cloud, using something called a CNAME. For instance, here’s a description of how to implement sub-domain CNAME traffic redirection today, using a blog hosted at

If you’re in this position now, don’t let your e-commerce hoster ruin the organic search lift that you can get from a blog hosted on a sub-domain of your primary site. If they don’t have the will or the know-how to create a sub-domain for you, you should reconsider your long term relationship with them when your hosting contract comes up for renewal.

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