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Comment Moderation and UGC

03.03.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices by

If you want to build a successful blog, you need to get your readers to contribute as much user generated content (UGC) as possible. The main way to achieve this is via comments.

There are many ways to elicit comments from readers. You can reward them for it using a raffle, you can have out of band exchanges with them via email if you make yourself accessible, and you can compliment them publicly when they write something the benefits other readers and complements your post. But nothing gets commenter interacting like near real time moderation and interaction.

I get notified whenever a reader comment is submitted on one of my web sites. I moderate every comment, to maintain certain editorial standards, and I try to approve them as quickly as possible. After all, anyone who comments on a blog wants to see their comments promptly. If I’m off the grid, I even arrange for someone else to moderate them while I’m offline. But as a moderator, it’s not enough to approve comments. Readers want a dialog.

The way to achieve this is to write open-ended comments. End your comments with a question. Argue. Make sure you install a utility that sends a email to the commenter whenever a followup comment is posted (Subscribe to comments.)

This strategy works. You’ll generate more content and keyword density for the search engines so that your posts will be ranked higher, and other readers will pile in as well. You’ll form true relationships with your best commenters and they will continue to enrich your blog in the future.

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