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Automating Post Tag Optimization

06.15.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices, Search Engine Optimization by

I really like the WordPress blogging platform for the simple reason that there are a lot of free plugins available that can help you automate tedious blogging chores like post tag optimization. Closed platforms like Google’s blogger just don’t cut it if you are serious about increasing your visibility with search engines. Like it or not, the web is text-based, and relying on word of mouth referrals is not a scalable audience acquisition strategy.

For post tag optimization, I use a plug-in on my sites called SEO Seachterms 2. It captures all of the search terms that people use when they click thru to your site. It stores all of the search terms in your WordPress database so you can see what the most popular search queries to your site are and how frequently they’ve been repeated. If you read through this data, you can get a pretty good sense of what the top 500 words or phrases people use to find your site and tune your content accordingly.

On top of that, this plugin will automatically create post tags on pages that people clicked-thru to and add them to every post on your blog. If you have a hundreds of posts, the times savings is just enormous.

You can also set an expiration period for the accumulated search terms that cleans out the database, say every 90 days, so the post tags on your pages are always up to date. This is useful if your content is seasonal in nature or if people interests change.

It’s a great plug-in.

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