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Athlete Marketing

05.04.11 Posted in Blogging Best Practices by

I’ve always wondered why so many outdoor companies feature professional athletes on their blogs. I find it to be boring and a complete yawn. The kind of people I want to read about are people like me, who’ve worked all their life, and only get to pursue recreational activities on weekends. Those are the people I hold as heroes, not some 20 something year-old kid who’s skied 2 million feet of elevation.

Last year, Golite, the hiking gear and clothing manufacturer, ran a campaign about ordinary people doing achieving great things outdoors. I found it inspiring.

I know a lot of other people who share my point of view. Customers want to hear about about outdoor companies’ sustainability agendas, the social causes they support, and what they’re doing to help get families outdoors. They’re not interested in sports superstars and GU mutants anymore and if you think that a monthly dispatch from a corporate sponsored athlete is all you need to publish on your company’s blog, think again.

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