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Average Page Views and Time Per Visit

07.07.11 Posted in Blog Performance Metrics by

How do you know if people like your content?

The best way to measure reader engagement is to track average page views and average time per visit. These two blog metrics will tell you whether people stick around and read multiple pages on your blog or whether they bounce off after a single page view.

It’s important that you understand that these measures are averages and include all of your bounces. A high bounce rate above 70% means that most of your visitors are probably finding your site through a search engine and that your content is either irrelevant to what they searched for, or that it’s not dense enough for them to stick around to read another page.

You can improve average time per visit by writing longer posts or adding video to them which will boost average time per visit. Adding more internal links to your posts will help increase the average number of page views per visit. Both of these approaches increase content density and promote deeper engagement.

If your average pages views per visit are 2.0 or higher and average time per visit is over 3:00 minutes, then keep doing whatever you are doing. If not, you need to make some changes to the amount of detail in your posts and the amount of internal cross-linking you do.


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