Content Marketing for the Outdoor Industry


Fells Press LLC is a content strategy and marketing consultancy that specializes in helping outdoor companies develop and improve the effectiveness of company blogs and social media channels. We provide companies with a wide range of content planning, training, and content creation services including facilitated content strategy sessions, guest blogger program management, product review program management, local marketing outreach, and outsourced content development.

The Fells Press Network

Unlike other marketing consultancies, Fells Press owns and manages its own network of outdoor content and affiliate marketing web sites, including Philip Werner’s highly successful hiking and outdoor blog, This is significant because it lets us share our content marketing experience with clients and partners without requiring consulting fees.

Instead, we structure client relationships as co-marketing partnerships, leveraging a client’s existing audience outreach and affiliate channel programs to generate traffic and revenue. This model works for us because we have a content hungry audience that we can monetize and share with our partners. While there are circumstances where we require fees, we prefer to forward invest in long tail content assets.

Content Density

The best way to build a loyal audience is to publish a lot of great content that will remain relevant far into the future. We call this a content density strategy. If you keep at it, your site will exert a huge gravitational pull, generating high value backlinks, and tons of free, organic search traffic. Without  this dense core of content, all of your social media efforts are in vain. However, if you can harness your audience to create content for you, via comments and other forms of interaction, you can rapidly develop critical mass, increase traffic and page rank.

If you’re interested in learning more, read the Content Density Blog, which documents our content development methodology and blogging best practices.

Getting Started

If you are about to start an outdoor company blog or social community, or have one which is sputtering along but not generating any tangible results, you should contact Fells Press and talk to us. We are happy to listen to your needs and provide you with ideas and advice for free. It doesn’t matter if you work for a small company or a large one. We are very creative in structuring co-marketing and business relationships with companies and organizations of all sizes, from single person cottage manufacturers to multi-national public companies.

Generally, we like to start on a small project like a guest post or a series of product reviews to get our team working with yours. In our experience, these baby steps evolve into long term relationships with immense benefit to all involved: they are easy to kick off informally without contracts and lawyers, they provide a way to develop relationships with your staff and share our expertise, they can be measured using existing sales and marketing metrics, and they don’t impose an additional cost burden on marketing budgets.

Fells Press Management

Fell Press is owned and managed by Philip Werner. In addition to being a prolific blogger, Philip has over 20 years of experience in technology management, marketing, and product management including e-commerce, search, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and online advertising. Before jumping onto the Internet bandwagon, Philip was a management consultant at Coopers & Lybrand.

Fells Press is headquartered just outside of Boston, MA.


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